Music, art, Music, art. Everything in my life has always...

Music, art, Music, art. Everything in my life has always connected to both and lots of time spent in nature. Before my son was born I started writing a new album and continued to do so after he was born, more on all of that soon. Now he’s almost 5 and loves creating art and making noise and songs. If you are wondering why my new album is not out yet this is why. I’ve been focusing on a much larger picture than just an album and trying to stay present with my son and family. I hope he and I never forget going to see the Warhol exhibit and then the Kusama exhibit. I hope all of you who love my music know how grateful I am for your patience and support. If you have not please check out my shop @clubduquette and get on our mailing list. My new album will be coming all in good time with the universe. Make art not War and go spread love. (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

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