I am not even sure what to type about Notre Dame cathedral...

I am not even sure what to type about Notre Dame cathedral burning. There have been many things lately where I find myself at a loss. I would say I am shocked at some peoples reaction to the cathedral burning, but I guess I should not be. I get it some people think no one should publicly morn for a building, others say let all churches burn, some people think folks are just trying to look cool showing off that they once went to Europe. The disheartening part of all of it is the lack of humanity. The artists who poured their hearts and souls into the craft which built the church were not and are not responsible for the trauma the church has caused for 100’s of years. Yet people show no empathy for those affected by the art, for those affected by the beauty of the craft, the brilliance of the ingenuity of the design. We can debate how money could be better used than to rebuild. But for now let us all be grateful for the artists of the world. Be it sculptors, painters, masons, woodworkers, songwriters, what ever it may be. It is art than can inspire hope, it is music that can inspire hope. Everyone is looking for hope in a world that seems to be spinning further and further away from love and compassion and more towards greed and division. If you are a writer write, if you are a chef cook, if you are a singer sing. Ask your self what are you doing today that can last to inspire for generations. You can hate the Catholic church or church in general, but that does not mean you have to be so callous is to not see the beauty that is capable from our hands. I am not sure if we will ever build anything ever again that takes such craftsmanship. I encourage you to try and find some beauty and hope in the world today and share it with everyone you come in contact with. Please get out and support artists around the world and especially where you live. We could all use more love, hope, and inspiration. What are you going to do today to inspire the next hundreds of generations? I love you all. Peace and Love
Duquette (at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris)


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