It’s Friday, it’s raining and I’ve been in the...

It’s Friday, it’s raining and I’ve been in the shop all day. Where are you? What are you doing? How much do you love @otisreddingfoundation and my bud @rosserriddle I’m taking the rest of this weekend to be with my family. We’ve been working non stop and if you are not careful it will stop you and we always try our best to make family our priority whether it has to do with the shop or music or any project. Sometimes that means you sacrifice events or shows and making a little extra scratch. Shop will be open all weekend with our girl @tyanndozier holding down the Club and taking care of y'all. Go meet her. New music is coming soon and maybe a show in August. Stay tuned and tell me what you are up to. Peace and Love
#clubduquette #rebelkingmusic #ruggedandfancyfamily (at Club Duquette)

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